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About us


BBKASS consits of me, Beinta, and my husband Birgir (since he works full-time as a salesman, he's only partly involved), living in Tórshavn on the beautiful Faroe Islands. We have often talked about starting our own business, and with the rise of tourists on the islands, we saw an opportunity in "Heimablídni" (meaning home hospitality), where we invite people into our private home for a meal. Both of us love to travel, enjoy a good meal and meeting local people, where we are. We also want to show foreigners, how we live.

I also love to knit, sew  and crochet, so I started making products to sell to our visitors, but then I thought, I might as well try to sell to others as well. The plan was to sell at various venues, through Facebook etc.

Well, before any of this really kicked off, Covid-19 hit, and that meant "Heimablídni" was out of the picture for quite a while. Now I had to focus on my handmade products, and tah-dah, our webshop was born.

My products do not follow any trend, and I love colors. 

More info about "Heimablídni" can be found on Facebook: "BBkass Heimablídni" and Instagram: @bbkasshome. You can also send an email to: bbkass@btinternet.com. You can also book directly on www.eatlocal.fo.